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Order up! Grab a Biltsharp Premium 8.5" chef knife.  Do you have discerning taste, but also like to keep it simple? Have you ever thought to yourself - "Gee, I like my knife, but what if my handle was made from a single piece of rare and exotic material?"  Ponder no further! This is your chance to live the dream folks.

Things you can't pick - 

    • AEB-L Steel, Hand Rubbed Satin Finish

    • 8.5" blade

    • Full Tang

    • Sculpted Handle Shaping                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
    • Complimentary colored liner.

    • Inlayed Makers Mark

Things you can pick

 Available Material Options

Fabric Micarta-

Composites of linen or canvas fabric in a thermosetting plastic. It was originally used in electrical and decorative applications. Micarta was developed at Westinghouse at least as early as 1910. The older pieces of Vintage Micarta show age and develop a patina after shaping. This material is no longer manufactured and varies in color.

Available in Vintage*, Damascus, CrazyFiber, VGK Rag


VGK Paper-

Very Good Knife Making Supplies is our own brand of materials we make in house. Similar to Micarta, This material is made with a very good resin reinforced with colored paper. We can provide a wide range of colors with a more solid grain pattern with this product. 

Available in- Vintage Appliance Blue, Spooky Forest Green, Faux Westinghouse Ivory, Faux Buttersotch.... Too many to list, if you have a special request for a color, we might have it.



Carbon Fiber- 

A material consisting of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon and resin. Adds +5 horsepower. Chatoyant carbon fiber is a specialty material that hosts a 3D optical effect and can have different core materials.  

Available in - Twill, Marble, Crosscut, Chatoyant* 



The hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub.

Available in Dyed Stabilized Burls, Arizona Desert Ironwood, Amboyna Burl, Ebony.



- You will receive an email from us within 7 business days to confirm your order with handle choices. Certain materials come in a variety of colors. If you pick one of those options, we will send an email to help pick the perfect choice for your handle. 

- Expected shipping time is up to 6 weeks, maybe be sooner. It depends on how many "where's my knife" emails I have to answer instead of making them. 

- We email status updates during production at specific milestones in the making of your order. This way you will be aware of the current progress of your knife. 

-Once you have it, make sure to show it off and brag to your friends. They will be jealous and see you as their superior. Crush them or show mercy, it matters not. My end of the deal is over.