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I’m doing a fundraiser to replace some hard working tools that have recently turned hardly workin’. We are accepting donations in increments of $10. The goal is 150 donations. When the goal is reached, I will pick a random contributor and GIFT them this Swordfish II as a thank you.  You can select the number of donations you'd like to make, each one counts as "one donation", and each donation is considered eligible to receive the gift. 

See how that works? Slick right? if you don't get it, send me an email.

 I will do a random selection from our list of generous donors, and present you with this token of our appreciation!

Heck, wouldn’t it be great to give to a charitable cause, and feel lucky....punk?

That could be you

(I will also be making a sheath this week that will be included with the gift)*

The donation goal just so happens to be the retail value of the Swordfish II, so it worked out great that way 🤷‍♂️ You've gotta be 18+ to donate and accept all shipping risks and responsibilities if you donate from outside the US.

About The Gift

SwordFish II 
CPM 3V Crucible Blade Steel
- Bowie-Shaped with Double Edge Point
- Flat Grind with Fuller
- Hand Filed Copper Thumb Stud Inlay and Spine Detail
- Distressed Dark Finish
- Vintage Butterscotch Paper Micarta with VGK Paper Micarta Handle and Liners
- Textured Exposed Copper Liners
- Engraved Domed Maker’s Mark Inlay
- 9″ Blade, 14.5” OA Length, 0.2″ Spine
*Sheath will be made this week, follow along on instagram!