Good Cause Donation & Giveaway Event

Court Marshal Fixed Blade – Bronze & Green Jade

Winner #35H


Knife Specs

  • CPM 3V steel
  • 4″ hollow ground blade
  • 1/4″ thick with convex tip
  • 8″ OA

Handle features textured bronze and drab green titanium scales with koa liners. Includes custom two-part locking Kydex sheath.

Original Event Details:

Alright, folks, it’s time!  Donations are $5.  You get one “ticket” that I will use to draw a winner at the end of the event to win this Court Marshal fixed blade.  You can donate as much as you want and I will split up your “tickets.”

Please don’t submit a bunch of $5 donations.

I will let it run through the week while I think up a creative way to draw a winner. If you scroll back far enough in my Instagram feed, you’ll find some good ones from the past.  I think I’ll blow something up this time… maybe.  

All proceeds will go to the Hatcher family.  Shawn has been an inspiration to me as I’m sure he has been to many of you. It’s an honor to give him something back and help out the community.

Thanks again for your generosity and supporting the arts! We’re just grumps with dusty lungs and burnt up finger tips, but we can’t do it without support from viewers like you.