Custom knife giveaway… Is your Biltsharp shirt tattered, full of spark burns and covered in dried epoxy? Yeah, mine too. Perhaps it’s time to do another #biltsharpcontest – Custom Knife Giveaway. 🔪🔪

Custom Knife Giveaway Details

OG Biltsharp Shirts & Hoodies #biltsharpcontest

If you’re new to the game, whenever I sell t-shirts or hoodies we do a hashtag based custom knife giveaway. Basically, you get a sweet shirt, then take a picture and finally, post and hashtag #biltsharpcontest.  After it’s all said and done I pick a winner from the list of entries. No re-post, no entry, just a proud shirt owner. You get a shirt and a chance to win a custom knife and I get some viral marketing.


⚔⚔Get your #biltsharpcontest apparel here⚔⚔


 How It Works

Pre-order a sweet Biltsharp Shirt or Hoodie
Post on Instagram of your shirt & #biltsharpcontest
That’s it.  You’re entered to win a knife!  No post, no entry.
@biltsharp will draw a winner from the entries using your #biltsharpcontest tagged posts. *All previous posts will be excluded from the drawing, giveaway only valid for 2017 posts.


Free shipping in the US.  International orders, please contact us.