Ol' Rusty

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Ol’ Rusty

Custom Fixed Blade Hunting & Survival Knife

Ol Rusty is the shop favorite for a mid-size everyday carry, custom fixed blade hunting & survival knife.  The beefy 1/4″ spine is tapped at both ends.  As a result, it has a well-balanced performance suited for a wide range of different jobs.  In addition to being built sharp, Rusty is incredibly tough, up for the challenge of some hard work.

The Blade

Using the specialty steel, CPM 3V crucible steel provides this knife with a perfect blend of carbon and stainless steel properties you want in this style knife.  The toughness and edge holding capability are equally matched giving the best possible combination for a dependable hunting and survival knife.

The Handle

Each handle is custom-designed with specialty treated durable materials for a comfortable grip and elegant style.  Its full tang handle is tapped for an even weight across the tool, with hand sculpted scales that curve to fit nicely in your hand.  Owning an Ol’ Rusty is having functional work of art that can be enjoyed for generations.

The Complete "Making Of" Video Series

Making Ol’ Rusty” An Overview of Knife Making

In-depth video series touching on each step of creating a custom knife from start to finish.

Ol’ Rusty Collection

Every knife coming out of our shop has been specially crafted to be a unique and beautiful finished product that you can call your very own.  We hope you will enjoy browsing through this collection of our work!

Making Ol’ Rusty: An Overview of Knife Making

From a design to the final edge, we have produced an in-depth video series touching on each step of creating a custom knife from start to finish.  Around here, we STILL use our tried and true, Ol’ Rusty, originally made by Adam in the beginning to his adventure into knifemaking.  Our undeniable adoration for this reliable tool left us with a desire to do a design update to build the best possible version of its self.  We hope you will enjoy learning more about your knife’s making, it’s qualities and it’s maker.